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Some days I feel like my body understands life and is really trying.  Other days, it’s like nothing remembers how to work.  My legs are completely confused by the thought of walking.  I want to remind them that they have been doing this for years and used to be old pros.  Then I try to pick something up and realize that today is not a day when my arm muscles are going to cooperate.  My GI tract has complete moments of amnesia.  It can’t remember a damn thing about the job it is supposed to do.

I just want to stop and say, ok today did not reflect your best effort, body.

This reminds me of a story in my life.  My brother is a year and a half older than me.  He has always been one of my very favorite humans.  About a year after he chose to marry an amazing woman (once again, good job wife-picking) I called him to discuss some pressing matter which I can’t remember now.  It was probably about a stand-up comedian, an upcoming hockey game, something new on the taco bell menu  or something else sophisticated, political and worldly.  Anyways he sounded cranky when he answered the phone.  I asked what he was doing.  His exact words…   “I’m cleaning the microwave again, because the first time did not reflect my best effort.” Just the way he said that last part was clearly him mimicking his lovely wife.  I told him it was his own darn fault for marrying a smart girl and that he should have known better.  I grew up with this guy and  he was the king of doing a chore so badly that it had to be redone by me and then he forever got excused from ever doing that chore again.  I’m glad someone finally caught him on it!

Anyways, it still makes me laugh thinking about it and I frequently want to mention to my body that today does not reflect it’s best effort.

But, this is the body I have and I am still thankful for all the things it does right!

I’m also thankful today for:

  • Wheat Bran with fresh strawberries
  • Sunshine
  • Wifi and the ability to quickly connect with family and friends
  • Soft and comfy slippers
  • Coffee and flavored coffee creamer

What are you thankful for today?



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