Bye Bye Upright, Welcome Seated

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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Physical Therapy & Exercise

New changes everyday.  I said goodbye to my faithful elliptical a couple days ago. I’ve logged so many hours of sweating over the last 5 years on that thing.  We’ve always had a love/hate relationship, but it was still sad to see her go.


In exchange I brought home a recumbent bike! A new machine that I’ll surely soon enough develop a love/hate relationship with too.


I had previously been so hesitant to make any ‘permanent’ changes like this.  I’ve had to change the way I think about those decisions.  I need to start committing to the NOW and where I am today.  It doesn’t mean that I’m giving up and I’ll never do that again, it just means that I’m going to be more reasonable about my true limitations of today.

To sweating!

icy dog


  1. JD Miller says

    Have you tried the Levine Program? My dr currently has me on it…it starts with recumbent biking and then you get to upgrade to upright bike and the row machine (my personal fav). Eventually you introduce treadmill (assuming elliptical would be in that category). I really like the Levine program for cardio (but love my modified yoga and slow nature walks). So “yeah you” for exercising and adapting to your personal changing body!


    • I have not. I’ve read about it a little bit. I’m still passing out a bunch right now but I love the idea of working up! I’m doing physical therapy twice a week which is great to have monitored exercise that can be adapted daily depending on how I’m doing! 🙂 good for you getting strong!


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