Mystery Time -Not Just a Hat Rack

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The Brain Gym

Ok I’m pretty sure it’s Saturday morning. It’s time to wake up that brain! In the words of Joey Tribbiani- not just a hat rack, my friend.

Get some coffee and a bowl of wheat bran (or a donut with frosting and sprinkles, I’m not judging) and let’s solve us a murder.


Ok before you say you don’t know, read it through a few times and think about it.

I’ll post the answer down below.



Not yet.






Did you get it yet?



Ok, next line is the answer.



Answer: All the other players were women.

Our house is very much a law enforcement house so any good joke or riddle where the fire fighter is the bad guy is good stuff! In fact my husband taught the kiddo to call fire fighters ‘hose monkeys’. The first school trip to the fire station is going to be embarrassing.

Of course we are only kidding and are very thankful for the job they do! It’s only good natured teasing that goes both ways!

Did you solve the murder? Tell me in the comments. If not, don’t worry there will be more chances.




See, good natured fun and kidding.  I could do this all day, but I can’t. We have important things to do!  Pinewood Derby things to do!

Drink your water and go find happy and the smile makers in your day!











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