I’ll Take it on the Rocks, and Filtered

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We all know how important water is. I’ve mentioned it and probably every doctor you’ve ever talked to has as well.   I’ll add a graphic to remind you why it’s important in case you forgot.  All the good for your body nonsense, plus if you have POTS it helps keep you conscious too.  Also semi-important.


I’m 29 but I’m not really a grown up.  I believe that the water that comes out of the bathroom sink is different than the water that comes out of the kitchen sink.  I know, I know, it’s not logical.  I’ll admit that it’s not true, yet I still won’t drink bathroom water.

I’ll drink hose water.  Hose water is different.  It comes from a magical place.  When it’s summer and you’re dying of thirst everyone knows you can drink the hose water and you’ll be saved instantly.  Running through the sprinklers is essentially running through a drinking fountain and everyone knows it.

Hose water

My husband found me this super fancy water bottle that has a Brita filter in it.  The filter is good for 300 refills and then the replacement filters aren’t crazy expensive.  He gave me the bottle and explained that really he was handing me 300 water bottles.  Good deal all around.  Good for me.  Good for the earth.  Good for the people who have to pick me up when I pass out.

Brita Bottle

Amazon has the fancy filter bottles for anywhere between 13.50 and 16 depending on size and color.  I’m a fan… and no, Brita is not paying me to say this, but that would be great.  If any of you are friends with Brita tell them to pay me.  Tell them I like diamonds and cars too.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my fancy new super useful bottle that takes away excuses for not drinking water.

effing water

I mean it.  With Love,




  1. I’m the same way! Bathroom water just makes me cringe. It seems so gross…yet water out of the house or horse spicket doesn’t bother me one bit! Bathrooms and people’s germs just make me want to barf. lol


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