Horrible Hide & Seek

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Deep Thoughts About POTS

You know the game.  It’s pretty basic. One person hides and the other person counts to give them time to hide then seeks them out after yelling ‘ready or not, here I come’.  The goal is to get a tricky hiding spot.  When I was a little kiddo, around 2 years old I would always hide when my dad was coming inside from work at the end of the day.  In a super stealthy way I would yell out, “I’m HIDEEEE”.  Evidently I was in the same spot every day, yet my mom always told him immediately when he walked in the door that I was hiding and he always went through the act of searching high and low for me.  Let me point out that I’m much more sneaky and Navy Seal-like now.

As we got into the teenage years we played Sardines. Which is like hide and seek, but with a twist to motivate you further.  You play with a group and one person hides.  Then everyone starts looking.  The first person to find the hider then hides with them.  Then the second does the same thing and so on and so on.  Nothing sucks more than wandering around the dark neighborhood on a summer night knowing there’s a party somewhere and you’re the last one to get there.

Then of course there is that awful game we as adults have to play sometimes: find the smell.  Is it something in the fridge, garbage, garbage disposal, dishes?  That is one of my least favorite versions of hide and seek.

In the law enforcement world we play a more advanced variety of hide and seek.  Some people choose to hide in a large building or a house.  Some people hide in a big field.  Either way, it’s still your basic hide and seek, but we get to cheat sometimes and use a police K9, helicopter, night vision goggles, and heat goggles.

Then there is the version that I always refer to as “the worst treasure hunt ever”.  I’m referring to when the dive team is called out.  Without going into too much detail that may not be appreciated by all, let’s just say that occasionally it is clear that someone has drowned and a recovery of the body must take place.  Sometimes it can take days and weeks to locate the body.  Worst Treasure Hunt Ever.

In our house we play a different version.  And by we, I mean really only my husband because I don’t mean to hide, but he does frequently have to play seek.  Our version is called, ‘find the unconscious wife’.  I can only imagine how scary that game must be.

This morning I was up and around in the living room and kitchen area.  My husband was sleeping because he had worked a graveyard shift the night before.  Our driveway alarm went off (my wheelchair arrived!) and I went to the door.  Then while the delivery man was putting the mail and boxes on the deck I got sidetracked and wandered into the garage.  I was getting my oximeter and something else.  Anyways, I guess during that time my husband had woken up and tried yelling for me asking about the driveway alarm.  When I didn’t answer he called my phone (which of course I left inside).  Next thing I know I’m getting something in the garage when my husband comes running in naked holding his phone and with a panicked look on his face.  I hugged him and told him I was ok and his heart was racing.  He said he had checked both bathrooms and didn’t find me on the ground so he assumed I either passed out in the Jeep or on the way to the Jeep, which is all concrete obviously.  I’m sure he assumed I was passed out in a pool of blood from hitting my head.  This is only one example of him running around trying to find me and of course he really does find me unconscious too.  Poor Tom.  I hate causing worry.

When you pray for my health, please pray for him too.  I can only imagine how much he dislikes the game of hide and seek.






  1. Scary story…I feel bad for Tom. These type of adrenaline rushes are awful…however, I can’t help but laugh at his running around searching for you naked. It just sounds comical considering the situation ended well. 🙂


  2. madrenellie says

    I pray for him all the time. We’re all so grateful for him. GOOD picking on husband.


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