They See Me Rollin’

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Fun and busy weekend for me!  I got to go to Target with some friends and I used the automatic cart for the first time.  It was fun to not be rushed while looking at clothes and other fun things.  Recently I’ve been rushed due to needing to sit down.  However the cart system is not perfect.

Problem 1: no cup holder.  Problem 2: Horrific loud beeping when in reverse.  Problem 3: I may or may not have crashed into several things including a shelf which almost toppled over on top of a lady.  Oops. My bad.  I may need some more practice.  Go carts. We need Go carts at our house so I can practice.  Also we probably need a zipline and laser tag.  Ya!


Today we did some wheelchair shopping.  One thing I didn’t realize is just how spendy some are.  Sorry Karen, I should have been paying attention more to the many struggles you have faced and overcome! You’re a rock star! Anyways, I think we found the right style for me.  See, I don’t really need one that I can roll myself in by turning the wheels because my arms fatigue so quickly.  This chair basically is a ‘hey you. you push me’ kinda chair.

This is the pretty pink one.

pink wheelchair

I ended up just getting the same one,  but in black on account of the price being much lower.  Also, I’m quite certain my friends can paint, decorate, or bedazzle to the extreme if I so desire.

It will be here on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for the newest excitement.  Tomorrow, physical therapy.  I had a pretty great day today which makes me a little worried always that tomorrow might be horrible since today was so good.  It’s not a fool proof system.  I get it right by guessing just as often as most meteorologists successfully predict the weather.

Dancing with the Stars started tonight. I know you’re probably all as excited as me!

Happy sleep to most of you and happy work to my graveyard friends! I miss you!

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