Iced Tea Murder

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The Brain Gym

I’m adding a new category to my blog today: The Brain Gym.  It is so important to keep your mind working daily.  So many people claim to care about health.  Planning healthy meals, drinking water, logging blood pressure, monitoring heart rate during cardio, increasing weight in lifting, flossing, and so much more! All of  these components add to overall health.

When you think of the word ‘health’ what image appears in your mind?  Does it include mental agility?  I hope it does.

Just look at these benefits of logic puzzles and brain teasers:

  • Boosts brain activity
  • Provides emotional satisfaction and sense of accomplishment
  • Enhances memory and processing speed.
  • Helps slow the decline and reduce the risk for dementia
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces boredom

I think it’s definitely worth our time to make sure we keep our brains working daily.  You might think you don’t have time, but I’m going to help you out.  I’ll be posting brain teasers and logic puzzles occasionally on my blog so that all you have to do is follow along and you’ll be strengthening your brain too!

Let’s start today off with a little murder mystery.

iced tea murder

Ok, before you scroll right down to the bottom to find the answer, stop and actually think for a second.


Did you figure it out?




Do you have it yet Sherlock?





Don’t give up yet.




Ok, answer below.




Answer: The poison was in the ice.

Tell me in the comments.  Did you figure it out?



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