Just Call Me Doctor Amy

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You know how when you buy a new car, suddenly that is the only car you notice all over town?  After the double wind storm this last year, our insurance company has agreed that we need a new roof.  The roofer brought out all these sample colors.  I am not going to lie, I didn’t even notice that roofs were different colors, honestly.  Nor did I know there were so many options out there.  While I was looking at all the colors the roofer said, ‘just watch, while you’re driving around I bet you’ll notice roof colors now.’  It’s true.  I notice them all the time.

Well, I also diagnose people with POTS all the time now.  Not out loud of course, just in my head.  Let me share some examples.

coach sweat

This guy is Sean Miller.  He’s the coach of the University of Arizona basketball team.  This is the start of March Madness and this is him ten minutes into the game.

Ten minutes + standing up= covered in sweat.  Yep, that’s what I look like too. He has POTS.

Sylvester seeing stars

Dizziness + Seeing stars = Yep, that’s me.  He has POTS.

Guard Down

This guy totally has POTS.  I’ve been there buddy, minus the hat.

Donald fatigued

Extreme fatigue = Yep. It’s the POTS.

peter joint pain

Joint pain= POTS. Poor Peter.

I have noticed that a LOT of hockey players have POTS.

hockey pots 1

hockey pots 2

hockey pots 3

hockey pots 4

Ok. I was going to add a family guy scene that clearly depicted nausea, but I care about you guys and I’m nice, so I left it out.

What do you think? Am I a good doctor?


  1. michaelamthompson says

    Having been diagnosed by you myself, I believe your MD has been earned.


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