Skypesitting- Trademark Pending

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We invented a new thing: skypesitting.  I was home alone and suddenly got really passy -outty, as I call it.  I sent an SOS text for someone to come up here.  This was the kind of passy outty where I couldn’t stand at all.  I needed more water, oximeter, etc and standing would have meant passing out which could have meant hitting head, being in a bad position for breathing, and so on and so on.

Anyways, until my babysitters arrived we called an audible.  For those of you not familiar with that, it’s a football term.  Basically if for some reason the quarterback wants to change the play at the last minute, he calls an audible and yells at the team telling them the new plan (instead of going with the plan that was made in the huddle).

I told my brother and sister-in-law to skype with me then they could at least see if I passed out and what position I was in so they could tell my babysitters.  It worked out pretty well, although when I did lose consciousness and them come to again, the look on my brother’s face with priceless.  I wish I could have captured that look.  I see medical assisting in his future for sure.


Anyways, things got calmed down and I was able to eat some toast before my babysitters left.  I’m pretty sure Hero was thinking, ‘mom, I am nauseas too and I need toast.’

hero toast

Just wait, Skypesitting is gonna be huge!


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