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Lots of laughs at physical therapy today.  I woke up pretty sick.  Stupid dumb headache and low oxygen again (I’m definitely not a doctor, but don’t you think I probably have  a headache because my oxygen levels are LOW?).  Heart rate seemed stupid high too.  I almost cancelled physical therapy because I wasn’t sure I would be able to make much progress, but I got some encouragement to give it my best try.

I was greeted by my wonderful physical therapist giving me a hug.  He knew I had endured some rough days recently.  He asked how I was feeling today and I explained that my heart rate hit 149 when I put my sports bra on.  I could see the difficulty and pain on his face with the task of choosing just one joke to follow that up with.  He said his heart rate gets up to 149 when he puts his wife’s sports bra on her.  Well played.  *I should note that I’ve known my physical therapist for over 15 years.  I’ve been treated by him for several different issues over the years and worked in his office for three years too.  He is perfectly professional with people he doesn’t know quite as well as me.*

I started out on the recumbent bike.  A new assistant was going to be working with me in the gym today so he was standing behind me and explaining my health, condition and concerns to the assistant.  He started with:

  • Well, you gotta watch her pretty closely because she will pass out.  Take a lot of breaks and rests and sometimes finding a nearby chair or table is pretty urgent.  Don’t expect to get through all of her exercises today.  She’s had a rough few days.
  • Total gym is good for her because she is laying down mostly.  Even though she is laying down she can still get her heart rate up pretty high.
  • Her oxygen stays pretty low, so keep an eye on that in case it drops more.
  • Oh, she does get tremors occasionally so watch for that.  If they get too violent have her lay down.
  • We work with small weights and putty for her forearms and hands because she gets random weakness in her hands and arms that makes simple tasks pretty difficult.
  • Make sure she drinks a bunch of water and watch her to see if she gets hot or flush.

“Oh, but other than those things, she’s great and easy to work with!”

Other than those things.  I should have called my blog ‘other than those things’.  It made for some good laughs.  Poor girl.  She did great though keeping an eye on me.

I couldn’t do stairs today.  That was out of the question before I got there.  I was proud of myself though for getting through everything else, even though most was at a reduced level of intensity.

I was wearing my pretty Sauncony shoes.  Another friend of mine who works there asked if my shoes were new.  I said, “no I’ve had them for a while.”  He said, “well they are really clean, so you must not wear them very often.”

I replied, “well, they are running shoes, so of course they are super clean.” Jokes. So many jokes today.

But seriously this whole putting on the sports bra thing had me thinking there has got to be an easier way.  We all know that raising arms above head can be a trigger, which I find to be true.  So I went to some different online forums looking for ideas that may be easier.  One person using the name “Strong Scotsman” said he was available and willing to travel anywhere to help by holding boobies for ladies.  Well, isn’t that nice?  This was posted many years ago, which makes me wonder if my husband used to go onto medical forums…

Anyways, I think after all of my research I’m going to get a front zip sports bra and try that.  Hopefully putting that on will only raise my heart rate to maybe 115 or so which would be much better.

I used to have a trainer who always said, “the hardest part is puttin’ on your shoes.”  It was true at the time as it referred to finding the motivation to just do it.  Now it is true in a different way.

What about you? Did you find the happy parts of today? Hero is showing off that he is happy about the sunshine.

hero sunshine

Did you find something to laugh at?


Keep finding the happy and the smiles people and don’t forget to wear green tomorrow!







  1. Love this! You are so hilarious. You truly find the funnies in the most difficult/challenging situations. It’s crazy but I enjoy reading it so much!


  2. madrenellie says

    My happy was getting some Amy time. You make me laugh in person too. Like magically appearing at the dry cleaners 30 seconds after they called! 😉


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