Green, Color not Verb

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Typing that title made me start singing the song “Pink”.  So maybe no more color titles for me.

It was one of those days.  I could tell very early in the morning that it would be a rough day.  It was.  By 9 AM I had called physical therapy to cancel.  A receptionist who I don’t know answered.  I explained that I needed to cancel my appointment.

“Do you just not feel well?” She asked.

“Just tell him it’s a passing out kind of day.”

“A passing out day?”

“Yep. He’ll understand.”

I’m just gonna be real and honest. Bad days do suck.  It’s annoying to have symptoms get all crazy from the activity of going to the bathroom.  It sucks to not be able to drive.  It sucks to have low oxygen.  It sucks to have shortness of breath and chest pain.  Tremors are not fun.

But, why focus on that when we can focus on these great things:

A St. Patrick’s day fairy (or I guess leprechaun) stopped by to deliver a wonderful care package and said, “I know this used to be your favorite holiday and you probably can’t celebrate like you used to.” Wise words.  I plan on using my new fancy green water bottle to be hydrating up in style! Tom plans to use the Jameson to hydrate in style!


If you’re going to spend a day in recovery mode, these guys are pretty great pals.

car ride

mom and hero

mom and sarge

Oh, and one last thing.  We had to go to Ziggy’s today.  I am forever thankful for their demo tiny deck with 2 stairs and the example railings.  Phew!


Oh and there are other happy and exciting things that happened today that I will post about in the upcoming days.

Cheers to tomorrow being a better day health-wise!


  1. isp541 says

    Fairy could work although it’s “fairie”. Green is an American tradition for St. Patrick’s Day. It was thought to be unlucky in Ireland for a long time because green was the color of the fairies that would steal children who wore too much of the color. So she could be a child stealing fairie.


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