Speed Bump, or Lack Thereof

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Deep Thoughts About POTS

Life is just odd sometimes.  Certain memories stick with you forever, and others are a surprise when I am told about them later.  Funny how that works.  My first memory of my life that I can recollect was when I was 2 years old.  Tom says I don’t remember when I was 2, and no, I probably don’t remember most of it.  Say what you want, but I can clearly remember being at Disneyland when I was 2 and standing on the balcony of our hotel room with my brother.  We were looking down below at the remote control boats in the pool.  And we had cereal from the tiny cereal boxes for breakfast.  I remember nothing else of that day, trip, or probably year.

Anyways, ice cream. We were talking about ice cream right? So we were getting ice cream at Dairy Queen the other night and the oddest thing happened.  We ordered, paid for it, and pulled forward.  So here’s the thing, I was born and raised in this area.  I’ve traveled a whole lot all around the world, but I’ve always lived in Post Falls. My whole life.  I pulled forward and I braked for the speed bump by the garbage can that has been there since they put in the Dairy Queen when I was 8 or 9-ish (I can’t find the exact date on Google).  The speed bump by the garbage can was gone!  Mysteriously.  I don’t know when it was removed, but I know that my mind remembered to brake for it after many long years of slowing before it to avoid ice cream spillage.

This is called muscle memory.  I’m quite familiar with this term, muscle memory.  I know it because my piano teacher mentioned it in every lesson I had growing up.  She said the muscles in my fingers and hands would know what to do if I had done it before.  She was right.

The reason I am writing today about the lack of a speed bump at the local Dairy Queen is this: that’s how life goes sometimes.  Speed bumps appear suddenly and just as suddenly they are gone.  We just cautiously roll through and think, ‘phew, that one is gone now on to the next issue.’  We’ll probably be cautious at that location for awhile.  Yes, being diagnosed with POTS was what I would call ‘sudden’.  I didn’t have any idea that would happen, or that it would change my life the way that it did.  But in the same token so many giant issues have been resolved and removed, some without our knowledge.  In December my husband was driving and we avoided a head-on crash by barreling off to the side of the road just a mile or two from our house.  We had Carter in the car with us.  What if one of us in the front seat would have died? Carter could have been severely injured or paralyzed.  Yet, we didn’t even have to deal with what could have been potentially a horrific speed bump.  God is always wearing his construction hat and is hard at work.

Sometimes we are so focused on the speed bump we are braking for at that moment that we often forget to thank God for clearing up the many problem speed bumps that he has.

I bet you didn’t know that getting Dairy Queen treats can cause such deep thoughts?

Ice cream: It’s good for the soul and mind.  Get some today.  You’re welcome.



  1. rasm47 says

    and I’m going to take from that, that it really doesn’t matter if it’s chocolate or vanilla because really, everyone knows chocolate is better…


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