With Great Hydration Comes…

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Cooking with POTS & Pans

You guessed it.  With great hydration comes great and many … trips to the bathroom.

Hero door

Hero doesn’t believe in doors.  It’s true. Come over sometime and he’ll do the same thing to you.  We tried to teach him ‘Turner & Hooch’ style using the phrase “this is not your room”.  It didn’t work obviously. We’re just lucky the door opened.

hooch door

Anyways, back to great hydration.  This subject came up the other day because my sister-in-law asked me how much water I drink in a day. Well, I knew it was a lot, but I decided to actually count up and keep track one day.  It turns out 155 ounces was how much I drank that day and most days are similar.  You might ask why.  Is it because I love to feel bloated all the time and spend most of the day in the bathroom? Nope, that’s not the reason.

Let me explain.

water best friend2

A study was done in 2002 examining the effects of drinking water in patients who have severe orthostatic syndromes.  Patients drank 1/2 a liter of tap water in less than 5 minutes.  It was found that in patients with autonomic failure (severe intolerance) that blood pressure increased from an average of 83mmHg systolic to 114mmHg.  It also found that drinking water reduced the heart rate response to standing from 123 to 108 beats/minute.  So, evidence suggests that water drinking may be part of an effective treatment plan.  Consuming large amounts of water also increases blood volume, which is helpful in hypovolemic patients and those who experience blood pooling.

water best friend

water guzzlin

So that’s the answer right there about why I’m always drinking water like it’s going out of style.  I switch it up and try out different fruit infusions too to change up the flavors.  If you’re not doing it, you should be.  Such a fresh and healthy way to make water exciting and refreshing.

The website GoodFoodMama put together this handy dandy list of delicious water infusion ideas.

water infusion list

These are fruity and delicious, but you can get crazier if you want. I’ve seen turmeric-lemon-pineapple, jalapeno-raspberry, blackberry-sage, basic-mint-strawberry, pineapple-ginger-orange, lemon-thyme-rosemary, rosemary-rose petal-vanilla, blueberry-lavender, and so many more.  A mathematician could tell you exactly how many combos there are, but I’m not that person in your life.

I don’t believe in drinking lavender because one time I had a lavender martini and my exact description of how it tasted was, “it tastes like a ‘non-smoking’ hotel room that is not really a ‘non-smoking’ hotel room.”  So, I’ll leave the lavender for you.

If you’re super duper advanced and a planner-type person, you can even freeze fancy detox cubes to throw in water.

detox cubes

Alright, go forth and drink all the water! Hydrate! I’m gonna go ahead and throw this post into the ‘Cooking with POTS and pans’ category because adding fruit to water is cooking, right? I thought so too.

~Amy & Hero


  1. madrenellie says

    Water =life on this planet. Almost impossible to over do. Grandma loves hero!


  2. Pictures = adorable! Again, that face! He has the most hilarious expressions! See, I knew water was great for people…clearly for all different reasons. Nice to know I’m not the only extreme water drinker in this world. 🙂


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