Beauty is Exercise

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You’ve heard the old saying ‘beauty is pain’, right?  I personally think it was originated to address high heels, but I’m sure I’m wrong and I definitely didn’t research it.  Anyways, as of this morning it became evidently clear that in my world ‘beauty is exercise’.

For real, getting ready is one of my hardest tasks.  Especially if I’m starting with shower and trying to end with put together to include clothes, hair, and makeup.  The whole process from start to finish to include resting time (which is really not optional) takes over 2.5 hours.  Anyways, today I was just trying to accomplish doing my makeup.  My hair was already done enough from yesterday.  Oh and clothes, I was also putting on clothes.

I generally sit on a barstool in the bathroom to do makeup, but I had to stand up to get close to the mirror to do mascara.  After the mascara was done I walked to the kitchen and checked my heart rate.

mascara hr

That’s not right.  So if anyone out there is wondering if my POTS is magically gone today, it’s not.

But, here are the smile parts of the day:

  1. Check out that amazing oxygen level! That’s like Olympian level.
  2. Look at my sparkly blue shoes that I got in the little girl department of Payless.  So shiny.
  3. Super 1 has these adorable tiny pineapples.


4. My fingernails are ready for the holiday of my people.


And yes I realize that the only beauty treatment that is actually important is this one:

happy girls

And I am. I have a happy life.


  1. Awesome post! I love your enthusiasm. You are such an inspiration, truly. First thing I noticed was your shoes in the picture! LOVE THEM! Also, cute nails! I always enjoyed seeing what new colors you would bring to work on your fingers. It’s like teenagers and changing the rubber bands on their braces! lol


  2. You clearly aren’t wearing your high heels correctly. The trick is to wear them until your feet go numb. Boom! No pain!


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