Pots not POTS on Twitter

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Smile Makers

I’m easily amused, apparently.  I was searching POTS today on Twitter to see what was new out there.  Of course I found several posts that have nothing to do with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  These are my favorite posts I found today about pots, but that have absolutely nothing to do with POTS.


This very important survey  (although I feel more confident about my answer for this one than any political survey happening these days).


twitter 3


While this is a very scary threat, I did not comply.

twitter 1

We all probably have a game we wish we would have stopped watching and gone to do dishes.

twitter 2

Dear a super gnarly dude, this is completely valid.

twitter 4

We’ve all been here.

twitter 5

This adorable, helpful dog.

twitter 6

Well, these are adorable.

twitter 8

I checked and I couldn’t find a video to accompany this one.

twitter 9

Bazina! “Can not stop laughing”.  Also, great news there is a new episode on tonight!

twitter 7.png

Until my next search…


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