Be Still

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“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

This is my favorite verse and it applies in so many situations.  Just a simple reminder to stop sometimes and know that God is in fact God and is in control of the big issues and the little issues.

This is one of the paintings I did to remind me of such a simple, but comforting verse.

Be Still.jpg



  1. Beautiful painting! I sure enjoy doing these type of canvas paintings. The problem is I don’t hang them up anywhere so they just take up storage in my garage! lol


    • I totally get it! I’ve done 5 or 6 small ones. They sit in a drawer currently. Someday I’ll do the perfect one in a perfect color that matches my house and I’ll hang it.


  2. Colleen Knauber says

    Beautiful painting and beautiful verse. I think when we choose joy God can open us up to finding all kinds of ways to express it. Painting a feeling of trusting God is a reminder He can keep using.


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