Compression Obsession

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So many people with POTS are lovin’ compression stockings.  I really wanna be in that club of loving them.  I have only tried two different kinds so I am not giving up yet.

Here is why they supposedly help.  Per Dysautonomia International, compression support hose and abdominal binders can be helpful for some POTS patients by lessening the peripheral venous pooling and hypotension.6 The most effective compression hose are 30 mm Hg of ankle counter pressure and go waist high.3 Essentially they help to pump blood upward.

I’ve tried them twice in physical therapy.  The first time it ended with me being carried to the car on the verge of passing out.  They are soooo hot.  My exact quote that had the physical therapist laughing was, “It’s so hot in here.  So many clothes in here.” (Being on the verge of passing out doesn’t exactly get the brain working intelligently).   The second time was yesterday.  I did much better yesterday and my heart rate didn’t get insanely high, although I still had symptoms.  So maybe I’m on my way to progress with them.  I’ll try again.

I got these on Amazon and mostly because they are thigh high, instead of just knee high which did absolutely nothing.  They aren’t completely hideous looking and they even have a cute lace design on the top.


Also, seriously they are so stupid hard to put on.  I’ll forever be amazed by any elderly person who puts these on themselves.  Even Batgirl has trouble with them.  Don’t think Superheroes have everything easy!

stockings for ants

Seriously, they are so hard. By the time I get them on I usually need a shower.  It’s a vicious cycle.

super power.png

Have you found some that you love? Tell me all about it!



  1. Can’t say I’ve ever used these…but I find it comical that they at least at the cute lace on top to a rather unappealing leg device/clothing/thing!


    • I’m not sure how to edit my first post so I just want to apologize for the grammatical errors in the sentence. Next time I need to read it before I post it! LOL


      • No worries! Yes, the lace makes it try to be cute. It doesn’t do much, but it’s an effort. I’ve seen theyes have all different colors. Maybe I’ll get braver soon!


  2. I’m with you Amy, I wear the knee high type whey my legs swell more than usual. They are all but impossible to put on, especially when your legs are all swollen and your hands no longer work as they use to. I do like the ones you have though, at least they are cute.


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