Shmoke & a Pancake?

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Apparently it’s National Pancake Day.  Because now everyday is national something day all of a sudden so we don’t question; we just blindly celebrate.  I’m ok with it when it includes pancakes.  I celebrated on accident actually.  Last night at about 2300 hours, I was hungry and Tom made me some delicious banana pancakes. Then he told me it was just minutes until national pancake day.  How fitting. I was perfectly in style.

Oh and of course I don’t smoke. Never have, never will.  However I do have to admit though that I enjoy Austin Powers because I am apparently an immature person who has great taste in ridiculous movies.

Today my only hope was to get out to take the dogs to the park.  I didn’t do anything this morning and saved up all my energy.  It was a bit chilly out, but I enjoyed watching the dogs running like crazy.  Here’s a fun tip, whether you have POTS or not, don’t stand and look up watching a drone flying and then spin around in circles trying to follow it.  Nope, don’t do that.


This is my please don’t smash into me at full speed and break me face.

I stopped by to visit with grandma for a little bit today.  Mom was helping her send an email.  She explained there was a way to connect with that person on LinkedIn.  Grandma said, “no I don’t want to do that. I don’t want him to think I’m stalking him over the line.” Feel free to comment and connect on my blog with me.  I won’t think you’re stalking me ‘over the line’.  Now, if you show up at my house uninvited… that’s another story… and you better have something delicious to share.







  1. Hi! Just wanted to connect with you over the line (your Grandma is the best)! Glad you had a fun outing with the doggies! We apparently celebrated National Pancake Day here too (had no idea until reading this!). Tyler blended spinach into Liv’s pancake batter and they tasted miserable, but because we called them pancakes she thought they were great. Banana pancakes sound like a much better idea!


    • Thanks for reaching out over the line! Yes, my grandma is adorable. I never want spinach pancakes. Make a note of that please. You tell Olivia if she comes over we’ll make her some delicious pancakes!


  2. I love that you were able to take the beautiful puppies to the park!! I’m sure they enjoyed it so much. I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep making the best of the situations you are put through. You are an inspiration!


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