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If you read the about section you know that I grew up in a neighborhood and have always lived in one until we moved here in July last year.  In school I joined Forestry Club once to get extra credit in Biology and they called me pavement girl.  Well, there is a lot more nature out here.

A few months ago I came home from physical therapy.  Our big dog Hero was laying on the rug in the middle of the living room wagging his tail and happily playing with his toy.  I was in the kitchen trying to achieve food, water or Gatorade most likely.  I looked over and realized I didn’t recognize the toy he had.  It looked like a stuffed animal with brown fur and some sort of plaid or red color inside.  Then I looked closer.

That’s right. It was half of a real bunny rabbit.  The front half.  I looked at it long enough to see ears and count 3 legs.  Just then Tom walked around the corner as he was just waking up from his sleep after working night shift the night before.  I made some loud incomprehensible noises and Tom got a smirk on his face.  He was clearly trying to hold back any reaction, yet clearly he was proud of Hero’s first kill.  I was less proud.

Tom handled the disposing of it and I handled the soaking the carpet and all surrounding areas in massive amounts of carpet cleaner. I told Tom to search the house for any other parts or the other leg.  I most definitely didn’t want to play treasure hunt later and find any part of that in my closet.

We went outside into the dogs fenced yard area.  (We have 6 acres that is not fenced, but a small portion is chain link fenced and can be accessed by the dog door for when we are not here.)  We found the kill zone outside.  Tiny intestines everywhere.  I almost deposited tiny vomit everywhere as I thanked God for my husband being the intestine cleaner-upper.

We never found the last leg.  This is my new life.  Wondering where the last bunny leg is.

Now fast forward to yesterday.  You see it was recently determined by Hero, Tom, me and a flashlight that there was a packrat under the front deck.  (Let me clarify, I saw feet.  I don’t know how to determine nature based on tiny feet.  Also, I should note that the light on Tom’s gun frequently becomes the flashlight in times of quickly needing one or laziness) Well, this was a family event now.  Carter brought his chipmunk .22 and was most excited for dad to unscrew and lift off that board so he could shoot the packrat.

hero pack rat

hero pack rat 2

The unveiling occurred and as much as I said I didn’t want to watch and would be inside, I found myself standing on the deck with my cup of coffee.  So basically I’m now the same as Romans watching animals fight in the Coliseum.  It’s definitely comparable.

Off came the board and nothing moved.  From where I was standing, which was quite a ways back obviously, I could see furry legs.  Upon further inspection from someone other than me, it was found to be a deceased and partly eaten bunny.  No pack rat to be found.

The question now remains, who killed and partially ate the bunny? What animal can fit into that tiny space? Where is the pack rat? Did the bunny eat the pack rat? I’ll not be performing an autopsy.

If you excel at nature please help solve our newest mystery.



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