But How is Your Life REALLY Different?

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Let me share a post from my Facebook page on January 31, 2016.  This was after a hospital visit with LOTS of tremors and passing out and trying to recover days later.

1. I think I’m finally starting to calm back down after we changed my meds back. I’m not sure the last one agreed with me so much. I’m a few days without passing out. Every day is an adventure.

2. I have nightmares about passing out now.

3. Sometimes people ask for specific examples about ways my life has changed. I’ll post a couple pictures with captions that demonstrate simple changes.

4. Ginger candy is horrible, it turns out. But I’m still eating it when I’m nauseas and the jury is still out about whether or not it works.

5. People who have POTS are referred to as “POTSIES” on a lot of pots blogs. I only realized a few weeks ago that that is also the name of a character from Happy Days. I had never put that together before.

6. I’m not quite up to physical therapy tomorrow, but I’m still planning on working again this week and maybe not ending up in the hospital after. *Spoiler alert, update as of 3/4/16 work has not happened again ever since that day ended in tremors on the floor at work and lots of passing out, then hospital.*

7. I’m so thankful for all of you wonderful people that keep in touch and encourage me.


There was a time in my life when walking to get water wasn’t such a big deal. This isn’t even an overreaction on his part.

Tom Text

I used to love relaxing in a nice hot bath. I know I know having POTS you’re supposed to avoid warm baths and showers. Tonight I had legs tremors that were really uncomfortable so I took a bath. I don’t think I even made it 10 minutes before this was my heart rate. That is wrong, btw.

hot bath hr

False. This is false.


There was a time when my purse wasn’t filled with water and the bra they took off me at the ER.


This is a romantic gesture right here.  Putting this buffet next to my bed.

pots buffet.jpg

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