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Smile Makers


I find this entertaining. A couple points about it… I absolutely do believe in positive thinking. It has increased my joy so much to always try to find the happy and the smile makers! However I am also a realist. So yes be positive but also understand the facts and be mindful of those as well.

No. I don’t ever want to hear what “Dr.” Oz says.

“I get that too” doesn’t really bother me because most people look at the symptoms not the cause. Of course other people get nausea and dizziness. It may not be caused by their nervous system getting confused and failing but that doesn’t matter.

You can feel free to continue to suggest diets. I’ve had all the scopes in all the places and been checked for all the food allergies. I’m going to continue to eat cheese and cupcakes. Sidenote, cupcakes=smile maker.

The “I wish I didn’t have to work” is the one I get the most and the hardest to hear. I then ask ok what would you do if you didn’t have to work? Be a meal planner and always have delicious and healthy meals prepared? Get into great shape? Get organized? Garden? Have the cleanest house? Ok. You can do all of those things but for about 4 or 5 minutes at a time and then rest about 2 hours after each 5 minute section. Tell me how fun and productive it is. Or even if your dream is to sit on the couch and watch Netflix eventually you’ll get hungry, which requires some of your 5 minutes or you go to the grocery store which is an all day event recovering. Or even if you don’t eat because you gave up food eventually you’re going to look around and notice dust and dirty walls and dog hair.

Lastly the ‘you’re just stressed’. God blessed me with the very sweetest grandmother in the world. She came to visit each day I was in the hospital. And each day she told me I was too stressed. Finally I asked her what I’m stressed about? I said “I’m loving my job. My husband is amazing and faithful. We just bought our dream house. Financially we’re making it. I’m not mad at God or holding a grudge at anyone.” Her response was ‘well you just don’t let things go’. She’s welcome to her opinion and you know what else? She prays for me multiple times a day so I’m not offended or worried about her diagnosis.

OK I lied one more. “My friend was cured by”. Is there any possibility your friend had a different body with different complications, responses, and reactions than mine?

I’m so thankful for the many encouraging friends I have!!



    • You are correct. Cheese is also a giant smile maker. Come hang out sometime. Also, bring cheese. In fact the last time you came over you did bring me cheese from Costco. Cheese deliverer= friend for life.


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